Products & Manufacturing

The products for masonry construction are locally available through established local suppliers or direct from the many manufacturers. 

Concrete blocks can either be aircrete or aggregate. These have different manufacturing processes that result in different densities and properties. Manufacturers of aircrete and aggregate blocks can be found through their specialist product groups: Aircrete Products Association and Concrete Block Association respectively.

Bricks and other clay products are also universally available and locally manufactured in the UK, see Brick Development Association

Masonry walls rely on more than bricks/blocks and mortar.  Much of the innovation has come from developments in the ancillary products such as wall ties, insulation, lintels, cavity closures.

About Modern Masonry

 Modern Masonry is a body that seeks to ensure developers and designers, customers and occupants understand the benefits of masonry solutions. It provides guidance on design of masonry and furnishes government and influencing organisations with the evidence of how masonry can contribute to a sustainable built environment. It is supported by the Aircrete Products Associaton, Concrete Block Association and MPA Mortar.

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