Modern Masonry at UK Construction Week

28 Sep 2018

The Concrete Centre and Modern Masonry have joined with UK Construction Week to host a Better Built in Housing Hub. This new feature for UK Construction Week includes a seminar theatre and exhibits and intends to provide practical guidance for high quality, high performance homes.

The Better Built Housing Hub has the seminar theatre at its centre (stand B251) and this will be the venue for three days of informative seminars including the Modern Masonry Conference on Wednesday 10th October.     

Seminar Programme - Wednesday 10th October
A key part of the Better Built Housing programme is the annual Modern Masonry Housing Conference which addresses issues for the sector and for designers, specifiers and home-builders, of all sizes. The conference programme will provide an update on the latest drivers for change, development and progress.

11.00 - High Performance Masonry Housing

This session explores how housing numbers can be increased without compromising performance; provides practical advice to deliver energy efficient and comfortable masonry homes, that meet and exceed Building Regulation requirements; and summarises key findings from the Hackitt report in relation to all housing.


What people want in a home: results of the 2018 Modern Masonry survey - Andrew Minson, executive director, Modern Masonry

Housing as an issue is high profile but we hear little of what occupants want from their housing.  The Modern Masonry 2018 survey sheds light on this and helps inform what should be built to meet the needs of home owners and tenants.


Energy efficient design for comfort and cost-savings - Tom De Saulles, sustainability senior manager, The Concrete Centre

Early fundamental design decisions can bring significant benefits to the long-term energy efficiency and comfort of a new home. This presentation provides essential tips to help make the right decisions from the outset for achieving good year-round fabric performance.


Reducing the impact of noise in housing - Nick Gorst, engineering technical manager, Precast Flooring Federation

This presentation explores ways to improve the sound insulation between floors within a property by using concrete floors. Nick will provide guidance on key details to consider and will refer to sources of further guidance


Fire safety: Implications of the Hackitt report on all new housing - Andrew Minson, executive director, Modern Masonry

The terms of reference for the Hackitt report may have been restricted to high-rise residential buildings (HRRBs), but the report was written with wider application in mind.  This presentation will review the key findings, their likely application to low-rise housing and implications for designers, builders and clients.


Q&A and session close


13.00 Better Built Masonry Housing

Masonry solutions have advanced to meet new standards and construction techniques. This session will provide information and guidance on materials, products and construction, including cavity walls, ground and first floor options, to deliver better built, sustainable, high performance homes using concrete and masonry.


Contemporary cavity walls explained - Tom De Saulles, sustainability senior manager, The Concrete Centre.

Masonry cavity walls continue to be the most popular choice for UK housing since their use became widespread in the 1920s. This presentation provides an easy guide to cavity wall construction and the modern techniques employed to deliver the highest levels of fabric energy efficiency, whilst maintaining the inherent durability and robustness that masonry provides.


Beam and blocks floors in housing - Dr John Cotton, engineering manager, Bison Precast

Beam and block floors are a natural choice for the ground floor and upper floors in housing. This presentation will cover the benefits of beam and block floors in terms of thermal performance, resistance to the passage of sound, fire resistance and durability both during construction and during occupancy.


Sustainability Credentials of Bricks and Blocks - Dave Manley, environment and energy manager, Forterra

Bricks and blocks are the materials used to construct the majority of new build homes in the UK. These locally produced materials have sustainability performance benefits such as thermal mass, robustness and fire and flood resilience. This presentation will provide the latest on the sustainability of bricks and blocks in production and in use.


Q&A and session close

14.30     Innovative Masonry Housing

This session will examine new forms of masonry construction, including large panel solutions, new material formulations and finishes. It includes a case study to show how masonry solutions can be used to achieve PassivHaus performance standards.


'I house' using panelised aicrete - John Churchett, director of social housing and construction, H+H UK

H+H UK are collaborating with SIG Offsite to deliver a unique housing solution that promises a watertight shell for a standard-sized house design on-site in one week using large-format masonry panels. This presentation will explain how the system works and will refer to a number of  recent housing developments where the system has been used.  


Wimbish Passivhaus using solid wall construction - Chris Parson, architect and building consultant, Parsons + Whittley Architects

This case study will focus on the Wimbish Passivhaus development, near Saffron Walden, which became the UK’s first certified affordable Passivhaus scheme. The results of a recent post-occupancy evaluation show that these masonry homes continue to meet the high standards of energy efficiency even 10 years on.  The session explores how.



Q&A and close


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Tuesday 9th October
Wednesday 10th October - Modern Masonry Day
Thursday 11th October