MMA welcome the theme of this year’s British Homes Award design competition.

30 Mar 2016

The inherent properties of masonry construction make it the ideal starting point for designers when looking to develop and enter resilient designs as both existing building stock and more recent exemplars already meet many of the resilience challenges.

Fire, flooding, overheating and extreme weather events are all issues that need to be addressed as part of the resilience agenda and can be resolved by the appropriate selection of masonry. 

Masonry also addresses the wider resilience parameters in regard to energy efficiency, whole life carbon, whole life cost, construction affordability, service life maintenance and security. Designers can respond to these through choice of appropriate materials, their detailing, appropriate arrangement of internal spaces, massing and orientation.

Masonry exemplars already exist as stand alone, semi-detached, terraced ,medium rise and high density environments providing high quality aesthetic and functional village, townscape and city environments appreciated and loved by residents.

MMA looks forward to the challenge of the competition and the design solutions to be submitted.

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