Thomas Armstrong to open a brand new concrete block factory

14 Sep 2016

Production has started at a new concrete block factory to deliver more efficient output, at a better cost. The project initiated by Thomas Armstrong will replace the company’s facilities at the site in Garforth.

Ultimately the new factory, located near Leeds, is expected to result in an increased output of blocks of between 20-40% compared with the combined capacity of the two existing plants at Garforth. Providing a wide range of background and facing blocks, the new factory will additionally produce a variety of paving blocks and setts, and decorative concrete bricks.

Using the very latest technology, this plant will feature brand new energy efficient drives and motors, LED lighting, and a borehole for groundwater abstraction which will provide process and dust suppression water – conserving supplies from the mains. The curing process will take place in a ‘hot box’ curing chamber, with the natural heat of hydration contained and circulated within the building. The system can hold 2 days’ worth of production which means longer curing, higher block green strength and potential reductions in cement usage and embodied energy of the products.

Carbon 8 also intends to build a plant on the site within the next year. This will provide the new factory with high quality carbon-negative aggregate, resulting in improved employment opportunities in the local area and an end of waste outlet for local incinerator products.

The factory itself is situated in a prime location, with accessibility to both Leeds and Bradford city centres, and the motorway. The site is also within 2 miles of rail terminals, with a significant quantity of raw materials transported along these links. With increased means of transportation, this will ensure shorter delivery times and costs.

This latest factory development advocates the government’s aims of creating a Northern Powerhouse, addressing the issues of an unbalanced economy.