Recycled Content

There are significant volumes of by-product materials such as ground granulated blastfurnace slag (GGBS) and fly ash that can act as part of the cementitious binder in concrete and masonry. There is also the opportunity to incorporate secondary aggregates, by-products from other processes, into masonry.

The recycled content for aircrete and aggregate blocks is approximately 31 per cent.

The blocks sector use of secondary aggregates and cement represents over 20 per cent of total tonnage. The aerated blocks sector use of secondary aggregates and cement is equivalent to over 70 per cent of total tonnage, as almost all aggregates used by the aerated sector is fly ash.

For more information about how the industry aims to increase the use of recycled concrete, download Sustainability Matters.


Health & Safety News

SHAD 2017

27 Mar 2017

Huge thanks to Forterra Building Products for hosting our latest SHAD. Delegates participated at all six learning stations: risk perception, safe manual handling, dust, drugs and alcohol testing in the workplace, noise and vibration, and cancer awareness.

Minimising Fire Risk

18 Oct 2016

Meeting Building Regulations is not enough to minimise fire risk. Regulations do not cover property safety nor construction stage. Construction stage fire safety is the remit of the HSE.

The HSE say: “All those making design and procurement decisions that significantly affect fire risk should consider and reduce the risk and consequences of fire during the construction phase through DESIGN.” (HSE emphasis).

To do this, choose non combustible materials: choose precast and masonry. Read more.